1.00 General

When an employee asks the question, "What's in it for me," the honest and correct response is EVERYTHING."

Your team members deserve to know that an investment OF themselves is an investment IN themselves.

This is not always an easy message to convey and convince your staff that "great service serves the server first."

Let me do it for you.

Just as I convinced and inspired thousands of cast members at Walt Disney World on their first day; lets illustrate to your employees how looking for opportunities to create magic for a customer can transcend their own careers and lives.

When a WOW moment in customer service takes place it doesn't happen only for the customer, it occurs for both, simultaneously. Inspiring your team to make that connection is the single, greatest tool for maintaining a culture of service excellence.

This power-talk explores what a WOW moment looks, sounds and feels like and why delivering them is good for everyone involved.