1.25 General

At the heart of any innovative culture is effective communication and inspired employees who feel appreciated. As leaders continue to look for ways to connect to an increasingly diverse workforce, they’re embracing two-way communication practices that center around how to give and receive feedback. When communication channels run strong employees feel supported and accepted. When leaders connect to their employees, teams flourish, individuals bring new ideas to the table, working relationships thrive – your diverse workforce is connected and engaged! So, what is at the heart of great communication? How do we create and maintain a sense of connection and engagement among an ever-increasing workforce? The workforce of tomorrow is here today! Whether in a formal or casual setting feedback contributes to the effectiveness and success of communication exchanges. Candid feedback drives effective communication efforts and sets a positive tone for organizational growth, pivotal for ongoing improvement, encouraging new ideas and connecting leaders to their employees. Feedback is about support, and a supported work environment breeds positive changes and engages employees. Just as great communication is learned by building upon skills, there are best practices for effective and meaningful feedback. A framework for feedback guides individuals through steps that increase their competence and confidence in delivering effective feedback…and effective feedback leads to clear, direct and successful communication that inspires innovation, immediate action and connects employees!