1.25 General

The word Renaissance comes from the French verb renaitre meaning “to revive,” and the noun naissance, meaning “birth”. The Renaissance was a time of rebirth and innovation.  It was a time where leaders were valued for their diverse talents and recognized for their disruptive thinking. They set the path for new ways of seeing the world, and in the process, changed the very world they were observing.

In today’s complex business climate, the model of command and control no longer works.  In order to thrive in the 21st Century and stay competitive, companies must cultivate leaders whose skill-set runs both deep and wide and grow teams who facilitate original thinking and deeper connections. Join us to learn what it takes to create a Renaissance Culture™ that uncovers hidden talent, unlocks new ideas and brings the heart and soul back into your organization.

In this interactive session, get ready to:  

  • Identify the next Renaissance Leaders™ in your organization and why it’s critical to your organization’s health.
  • Learn the 5 Principles of a Renaissance Culture™ that retains, engages and cultivates strong leaders and their teams.
  • Create a Renaissance Culture™ that will give you the competitive edge in the 21st century.