The word Renaissance comes from the French verb renaitre, meaning “to revive,” and the noun naissance, meaning “birth”. The Renaissance period was a time of rebirth; a time of invention and innovation. Leaders of that time were multi-talented and expressed their unique set of skills, interests and gifts. They were disruptive thinkers, always asking “Why,” as well as “Why not?” They paved the way for new ways of seeing the world, and in the process, changed the very world they were observing. In order to thrive in the 21st Century, Organizations need to learn some key lessons from these great thinkers. Companies can no longer depend on a handful of experts who fill a specific role. They must cultivate leaders whose skill-set runs both deep and wide. This program, led by Organizational Consultant and Author, Jean Marie DiGiovanna, will teach you the secrets to creating a culture that uncovers, attracts and cultivates these Renaissance Leaders™.