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Company Overview

At Ultimate Software, we have always put our people first. This idea permeates our culture to its core. For over 25 years, it has driven us to create the innovative products and services we offer today. As a result, we enable our customers to put their people firstóhelping them build the people-centric environments they need to grow and meet their business goals. We believe software should work for people. Not the other way around. Customers choose us for our sophisticated people management technology delivered in the cloud. But we know that itÅfs the resultsóhow well we improve the personal work experience for you and your employeesóthat matter most. With a focus on people in everything we do, weÅfve built UltiProÆ with comprehensive capabilities and simplicity of use to make your life easier. We give you tools to manage every workforce need, in order to recruit and retain a high-performing workforce. You get HR, payroll, and talent management in a single solution that seamlessly connects people globally with the information and resources they need to work more effectively.

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