2019 Speakers & Programs

Up to 11.5 SHRM and HRCI Credits will be available!

You're invited to review the 2019 COSHRM State Conference Executive Summary for more information about the conference theme, the program content areas, and the professional experience levels that the programming will target.

The program will include a variety of breakout sessions for senior, mid and entry level professionals covering four relevant topics:

Industrial Revolution 4.0

  • The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here. Are you ready? The future is not about machines, it’s about our relationship with machines, automation and artificial intelligence; and it impacts all aspects of business. Learn from experts who are paving the way, engage with peers, and apply new concepts with small group discussions and workshops.
    - Courtney Berg: Get Your Fish Out of the Trees! Using Technology to Align Skills and Drive Performance
    - Dan Day: Don’t get fired by a robot: How social intelligence outwits artificial intelligence
    - Marvin Dejean: Reinventing Jobs: How to Optimize Humans and Machines
    - Jean Marie DiGiovanna: Learn How to Create a Renaissance Culture™ where Leaders & Teams Thrive
    - Chris Mullen: The New Dimensions of Work: Are You Prepared?
    - Sarah Roberts: Human Intelligence in an Artificially Intelligent World

Leadership & Navigation

  • Do you have a “seat at the table” in your organization? Companies are realizing the importance of giving HR a voice and a seat at the table with senior leaders. The role of HR is shifting from administrative to strategic. If you don’t have a seat at the table, how do you get there? If you do have a seat at the table, how do you stay there, add value and transform the way your organization does business?
    - Marjorie Mauldin: Engage Your Future Workforce with Feedback
    - Dave Needham: Strategic HR of the future won’t be called HR 
    - Edgar Papke: Innovation & The Future of Human Resource Design
    - Pete Smith: Dare to Matter: The HR Professionals Rise to Significance
    - Kristi Spaethe: The Art of Awkward
    - Tom Topping: The 5 Keys to Genuine Employee Engagement
    - Jason Treu: Secret to Maximizing Employee Engagement and Performance

The Future Workforce

  • The future of the workforce is evolving due to influences such as shifting demographics, immigration, globalization, economics, educational systems, and societal shifts. How can your organization benefit from new approaches to the workforce for the future?
    - Leon Cerna: Pairing Start-Ups with HR
    - Devin Hughes: The Third Wave: The Future of Work, Engagement, Well-Being & Happiness
    - Deborah Johnson: Your Future Depends on Your Present Mindset
    - Marti Konstant: Adapt or Die: How Agility will Future-proof Your Career
    - Tara Powers: Creating Success with Your Virtual Workforce
    - Elizabeth Rita and Anne McCord: The NextGen Workplace
    - Rick Tiemann: Implementing Change: It’s Not the Change, It’s the Transition

Risks, Boundaries & Rights

  • As an HR professional, you need certain legal, functional, and tactical knowlege to do your job. In this track you will receive the objective, timely and relevant insight you need from subject matter experts familiar with Colorado and Colorado industries.
    - Christine Cave and Max Dubroff: Workplace Internal Investigations: A Novel Approach
    - Lynn Eisaguirre: Tough Conversations: Tackle Any Topic With Sensitivity and Smarts
    - Edward Frado: The Current State of ERISA Litigation
    - Austin Smith: Employment Lawsuits of the Future: What to Expect in 2020 and Beyond

Questions? Email conference@coshrm.org or call (303) 438-7090