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Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are changing how work is done, forcing organizations to make difficult decisions about how, when, and where to apply automation and AI. But automation isn’t just affecting the way processes are done. Automation has the power to transform everything about organizations including their culture, talent acquisition, and the role of leaders But what does automation and AI integration really mean for HR leaders of the future? Major trends show that the role of HR managers will shift dramatically in the years to come, where their fundamental skill will be curating the optimal set of experiences for every human who touches the enterprise, whether an employee, gig worker, or volunteer. In this exciting session, business futurist Marvin Dejean gives a riveting overview of the workplace of the future, the rise of new skills-based jobs of the future and the new role of HR executives as they navigate a brave new digital world where the world of work will forever be altered. Reinventing Jobs: How to Optimize Humans and Machines is the ultimate blueprint on how HR leaders need to prepare for the world of work of the future. This is the must-have session for the conference!