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The Epidemic Facing HR Leaders

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Seventy percent of people are in the wrong role. It’s an epidemic facing leaders, companies and employers on a global scale. Common pain points created by this epidemic include: low employee engagement, lack of effective career-pathing and succession planning, limited diversity, high turnover and negative employer brand, just to name a few.  Unfortunately, for the most part, the HR industry is only managing these costly pain points with band-aids instead of addressing the core issue. Technology, AI and big data have been misused to date to make accurate people decisions (garbage in, garbage out). The answer to people decisions is not in the technology itself or just in the data, but in the people as individuals.

 Join Jamie for a fascinating keynote presentation and case study on a topic that impacts us all. Walk away with the knowledge of your own top five personality traits,  a revolutionary approach for using the 'right' information for retaining your top performers and putting your people in the roles they will be most successful in, followed by an invitation to come back the following day to hear from Jamie again. In a breakout session format, he will share the results from the case studies as well as unique and valuable insights around your own individual and group results.