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CULTURE. Many of us have become numb to the idea of talking about it. Is it just a buzz word? It shouldn't be. 

Organizational culture needs to be recognized as a business strategy. Regardless of what tactics you put in place, or what strategies you write, your culture is a reflection of your TRUE business strategy and priorities. What you actually value comes through in the day-to-day interactions with people and the processes you put in place, so a culture strategy needs to be woven through strategies concerning other aspects of your organization’s plan.

We've heard directly from HR folks that we've lost what culture really means, how to create it, and how to sustain it. It's not as simple as implementing a new PPO or flex work policy. Launching a new leadership training program, a new ATS, hiring a new CEO, or reorganizing HR will not change your culture without reinforcements.   These are all tactics that may create temporary goodwill. Developing, maintaining and changing culture must be an integrated business strategy.

As HR experts and business leaders, we need to "Think Beyond Culture" as just a concept, an action item, or a mere bullet point on a strategic plan.

The Disney University has been at the forefront of educating leaders about the importance of culture for decades. The four culture experts who are joining us today have worked in a variety of industries since their time with Disney, including finance, healthcare, banking, manufacturing, and nonprofits. They join Colorado SHRM in an energetic, informative, and practical session to share what they took away from their Disney experience and how they applied those concepts in different organizations.

Join this group in an energetic, thoughtful, entertaining and practical session to experience what they've learned about creating, supporting and changing cultures. Different threads of your strategy should weave tiny details together to create, support and/or change culture.  The result is a cultural tapestry – concepts that apply beyond Disney to any organization.